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Wish List

Wish List 


Textbooks - $100 ea.

(Need: The textbooks in most of our departments are somewhere between 5-8 years old, with a great deal of those in fair or poor condition, desperately in need of replacement. Some departments, Visual Arts and Work-Study, are lacking textbooks completely, with teachers scurrying to find course readings and materials online, often for free.) 


Chromebooks - $300 ea.


Desktop Computers - $700 ea.


Elmo - $900 ea.


Laptop Computers - $1200 ea.


"Wrap" a Work-Study Van - $500 ea.


Power Washer - $700 ea.


Leaf Blower - $400 ea.




These items are available for purchase. Please email or call 916-400-3404.  Thank you!