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Summer Institute

Summer Institute  

Students participate in 2 hours of Work-Study classes per day. Students learn both the “hard” (filing, answering a telephone) and “soft” (communication, teamwork, professionalism) skills needed to succeed in the workplace.  

Topics covered during the Work-Study class include:

  • Listening and Speaking Professionally
  • Filing
  • Telephone and Email Etiquette
  • Teamwork
  • Records Management
  • Confidentiality and Ethics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stereotypes in the Workplace
  • Tolerance and Respect
  • Taking Risks
  • Setting Goals
  • Public Speaking
  • Interviewing Skills 

In addition, students participate in the following programs:

  • Junior Achievement’s “Success Skills” class based on the 7 Habits of Highly  Effective Teens
  • Peak Adventure’s High Ropes Course at Sacramento State
  • Business Etiquette Lunch: Mulvaney’s B&L hosted a mock business lunch for the students, where they were able to mingle with current supervisors and members of the business community. Students were able to practice their networking and communication skills, while learning the proper etiquette for a business luncheon.
  • Computers/Typing Class: one hour per day. 

Emphasis is placed on students learning how to behave as “professional mature young adults” and give them the tools and confidence necessary to be successful in a business environment. Students were encouraged to interact with their classmates, teachers and volunteers in a professional manner. Students presented class work, strengthening public speaking skills and were encouraged to ask questions.