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Welcome to Work-Study

A Message from Leroy Tripette, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships & Advancement

One of the most important focus areas to our community is growing our regional workforce. Time and time again, this issue is brought up whenever an organization is talking about economic development, attracting new or expanding existing businesses. Accomplishing this goal requires a strong partnership between education and the business community to prepare our youth for the job opportunities that are there today as well as those that will be created tomorrow. Cristo Rey is a high school uniquely positioned to help our community achieve this goal.


Our students truly represent the diverse workforce needed to propel our region forward, desiring the opportunity to show what they can accomplish if given the chance and driven to succeed in both their education and work endeavors. While our teachers provide our students a curriculum focused on preparing them for college, full success cannot be achieved without an investment from our business community, providing critical Work Study experience to prepare our students for life after their education journey.


Cristo Rey is pleased to have over 100 local businesses and community organizations partnering with our Work Study program. They are investing in our region's success by offering opportunities for Cristo Rey students to learn what it means to be a successful employee, to have an impact on a company's bottom line and to be inspired to dream of running their own future business within the Greater Sacramento region.


We are happy that you have taken the time to visit our website and learn more about the magic that is Cristo Rey. We invite you to join the many businesses that are a part of the Cristo Rey family, moving our region forward by ensuring we have a well-educated, locally grown workforce that enables our community to compete in today's global economy.


~ Leroy Tripette

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships & Advancement


A Message from Carmen Raggio, Work-Study Program Director 

Dear Work-Study Partners, Parents and Students,


We’re so glad you’re interested in the Cristo Rey Work-Study program! This program is proven to change the lives of our students, while creating deep change within the Sacramento community. Students develop the professional skills needed to succeed in college and career, work closely with supervisors who care about their success, and learn the value of a college education by working 5 full days per month with over 100 sponsoring organizations.


The Work-Study department provides extensive training to the students to prepare them for the workforce. As incoming freshmen, all students participate in Summer Institute, a two and a half week program to develop soft and hard skills. Students learn everything from how to shake hands, file paperwork, give an elevator speech, and use the right fork at lunch!


We also provide support and training for our supervisors and corporate sponsors. Twice per year supervisors participate in a half day Supervisor Workshop, where specific topics are discussed in depth to strengthen supervisor’s ability to connect with students.


Our goal within the Work-Study program is to provide the best, real life work experience for our students - one that builds the bridge to their academic studies, while providing the motivation and support needed for their future success. Join us!


~ Carmen Raggio

Work-Study Program Director


CRHSS Work-Study, Inc. is a 509(a)3 public benefit corporation Tax I.D. #41-2191660