Facts, Questions & Answers

Facts, Questions & Answers


What is Cristo Rey High School? Cristo Rey High School is a unique high school that provides an affordable, Catholic, college preparatory education to students from low-income families in Sacramento. CRHSS is one of 37 schools in the Cristo Rey Network nationwide, which has a total network enrollment of over 12,300 students.  Cristo Rey students complete a challenging traditional curriculum focusing on core academic subjects. A complementary program in the arts, athletics, service, and spiritual formation is offered.


Each student works five days per month in companies and organizations throughout the Sacramento region gaining real-world work experiences. These sponsoring companies allow students to earn 60% of the cost of their education. 



How long has Cristo Rey existed? Cristo Rey opened in August 2006 following an eight-month feasibility study. To date, Cristo Rey has graduated twelve classes totaling over 780 students. 96% of graduates have been accepted to colleges and universities. 



Who are Cristo Rey High School students? Cristo Rey students live throughout Sacramento County and are from a variety of faith traditions.  Cristo Rey students have significant economic need: more than 97% qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program.



What is the current enrollment at Cristo Rey? Currently, we have 341 students.  This year (2021-22) we plan to welcome over 80 new freshman students.  Total school enrollment will grow to 400 students at capacity.



Can my family afford a quality Catholic education? Yes! Cristo Rey works with admitted students and their families to establish a reasonable family contribution that can be supplemented with available scholarships.



Do I have to be Catholic to attend Cristo Rey High School? No. Cristo Rey accepts students regardless of religious affiliation.



What is the application deadline for interested students? Cristo Rey has a rolling deadline throughout the year, though class sizes will reach the limit towards the end of the summer. In order to enroll in the fall, students are encouraged to complete the application process by March 4, 2022. Please reach out to Karla Barbosa, Director of Enrollment at kbarbosa@crhss.edu for more information.



How long does the application process take? The application process (tour, interview, recommendation letters, placement testing and etc.) takes about three months to complete.



What should I expect if admitted to Cristo Rey? Those admitted to Cristo Rey must attend the Summer Institute program to enhance their academic abilities and to prepare for the corporate work world. Emphasis is placed on students learning how to behave as “professional, mature, young adults” and give them the tools and confidence necessary to be successful in a business environment. Students are encouraged to interact with their classmates, teachers and volunteers in a professional manner. Students present class work, strengthening public speaking skills and are encouraged to ask questions.



How much is tuition? The family responsibility for tuition is $2,300.



Does Cristo Rey High School offer financial assistance? Tuition assistance is available to all families at Cristo Rey High School with demonstrated financial need. It is a goal of the school Administration to provide all qualified students an opportunity to attend CRHS. Tuition Assistance applications are available at the Cristo Rey High School Business Office.



Do you accept transfer students? A very small number of students are accepted for grades 10, through 12 if space becomes available. We do not consider transfer students for mid-year enrollment.



How old must a student be to participate in the program? All students must be 14 years of age by September 1st to begin in the Work-Study Program.



Does the work schedule interfere with the classroom schedule? No, the daily schedule is organized so that all students complete a full weekly class schedule in an extended day format. Following the proven success of other Cristo Rey schools, students at Cristo Rey will fulfill all the requirements of a college preparatory high school.



Do all students go to work? Yes, all students must participate in Work-Study program. This program is part of the curriculum and finances a significant portion of the student’s cost of education. Each student will work one day each week and then one rotating day each month for a total of five days each month.



Will students get to choose where they work? All students will complete a summer training program prior to the start of school. At this time, the Work-Study staff will begin to explore with students their interests and preferences for work experiences. The Work-Study Director will make the final determination as to where the student will be placed.



Who supervises the students at work? The Work-Study staff has a working relationship with an on-site supervisor at the company who will help guide and support the student in this challenging, but rewarding experience. Both the supervisors and school staff will provide overall guidance, education and support so that all students will feel successful at work.



Can parents contact the company where their child works? All communications to corporate partners are made through the Work-Study staff at Cristo Rey High School.



How does the student get to work each week? A benefit to our program is that Work-Study staff will transport all student employees to their jobs each morning and pick them up each afternoon. All students will arrive at school each morning for attendance and then head to either work or class.



What kind of work will students do? Student teams of four will generally cover one full-time, clerical, entry-level position at one of the many employment sites available. Students may file paperwork at a law firm, answer phones at an insurance company or scan documents at a construction company. A student’s job description may evolve over time with experience and grow to include more technical and difficult tasks. The purpose of the work experience is to expose students to professional culture and expand their dreams of what is possible for their future.



How can I get more information about the Work-Study Program? Contact Work-Study Program Director, Debbie Woodsford at (916) 400-3386 or via email at dwoodsford@crhss.org.