ACRE / BOYA 2020

BOYA 2020 Philanthropy


Cristo Rey High School

8475 Jackson Rd, Sacramento, CA 95826

501(c)3     04-3832927



Thank you for generously supporting the students of Cristo Rey High School.  Every dollar donated goes to our mission of breaking the poverty cycle through education and work study.  Below are suggested donation levels and while all proceeds are unrestricted and support the overall operation of the school, these donor categories can give you an idea of how you can help Cristo Rey, the “School that Works!



Call-to-Action Donor ($100 - $500)

  • $100 - Scientific Graphing Calculators for Advanced Math
  • $250 - Text Books for One student for One year
  • $500 - Chromebook: Each CRHS student is assigned a Chromebook for their school work for the four years. This covers the cost of one Chromebook.


Key Donor 

  • $1,000 - CRHS D7 Soccer Championship Team - the cost of uniforms, balls, equipment and transporting the two -time D7 CIF Soccer Team


 Principal Donor 

  • $3,000 - Covers the gap between work study sponsorship and full tuition for one student for one year.


 Advancement Donor 

  • $6,000 - Supports the gap between work study sponsorship and full tuition for two students for one year.


 Work Study Donor* 

  • $7,000 - Places a student in a Sacramento area white-collar work study position for a year, ideally in the donor’s office or he/she may designate a non-profit where the student’s services are utilized.


 Cristo Rey “King” Donor*

  • $10,000 - Fully covers the cost of educating and employing one student at Cristo Rey High School!  


 Cristo Rey “Rey of Light” Donor*

  • $20,000 - Fully covers the cost of educating and employing TWO students at Cristo Rey High School!  Again, the donor has the option of employing two students for the school year or designating a non-profit where the student’s services are utilized. 


Cristo Rey “Ultimate Team” Donor*

  •  $40,000 - You’ve done it!  You’ve hired a team of four highly qualified and talented Cristo Rey students to work at your office or a non-profit of your choice and have provided the cost of their tuition for the entire school year.



  • Please designate an amount: $___________________


* Donors at this level will be contacted by, Wes Oberlin, Director of Work Study Business Development, to facilitate the donor’s desire regarding placement of a student or students!


If you have philanthropy questions, please call Natalie Anzini at 916-400-3404.




BOYA 2020 Philanthropy