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"One mind, one heartbeat, one team." 


Cristo Rey High School's reputation for academic excellence carries over to the athletic programs.  Our reputation in play, effort, and sportsmanship comes from the athletics program’s philosophy in Building Men and Women for Others.  Student-athletes set high standards both in and out of the classroom and these results in a unique situation where excellence in the classroom is balanced by excellence on the court and field.





What does it mean to be a Student Athlete?


Student first; Athlete second. That is the answer we hear repeated over and over in the world of high school sports. We hear it from coaches, parents. I myself have used it as an Athletic Director numerous times. We hear this definition repeated because of its simple truth. Student is the first word in the title, meaning focus should be on classroom success and not the success achieved in competition.

The Student Athletes who exemplify this title often receive a Scholar Athlete award, given to athletes who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above while playing a season of sport. An achievement truly worth recognition, especially when you consider the long day Student Athletes endure on a weekly basis. Often these athletes are not “publicly” recognized, although the Bee’s All Metro teams are usually filled with Scholar Athletes who not only hold high GPA’s but also perform at a high level for their respective schools and sports.

What exactly are they being recognized for? The Student or the Athlete? I would guess the latter; and deservedly so. As a coach I know how hard these young people work to excel at their respective sports. But at what point does that definition flip? At what point during the season did the title change to Athlete Student?

I do not know the answer to that question, nor is it my intent to start a debate on the merits of honoring these great Student Athletes for their achievements on the fields and courts of competition. My intent is to recognize a group of Student Athletes for being just that: Student Athletes.

The Cristo Rey Varsity Volleyball team did not win any league titles, they did not make the playoffs, or set school records. The lady Saints worked hard this Fall, and improved greatly throughout the season, but their real all star performance was in the classroom. For it was in the classroom where this team excelled and upheld the title of Student Athlete to a high standard.

The Cristo Rey Varsity Volleyball team, all 11 members, earned Scholar Athlete awards for the 2017 season. Every member earned a 3.5 G.P.A. or higher with a team G.P.A. of 3.8. The lady Saints demonstrated, with humbled dignity, the actions of a Student Athlete. In most instances these lady Saints might have gone unnoticed, but as an Athletic Director I feel it is my responsibility to bring to light the achievement of these 11 young ladies. Most, if not all, will never  play another game of volleyball after high school. No one on the team will appear in the Bee’s All Metro team, and not one member of the 2017 Cristo Rey Volleyball team will make First Team All League. What they did do was fulfill a commitment to themselves, their parents, and their school; a commitment to be the best Student while playing a game as an athlete.

To Jessica Avila, Evangeline Brazell, Kenya Rodriguez-Montalvo, Miranda Rios, Natalia Valencia, Alejandra Montalvo, Emilia Zabala, Fatima Galvan, Fernanda Garcia, Jennifer Oliveros, and Victoria Vega; I thank you!  


Sincerely, Stephen Macias, Athletic Director, Cristo Rey High School