Core & Elective Curriculum

Core & Elective Curriculum








(40 credits)


English 9

English 10

American Literature

English 12 or

AP Language & Composition


(30 credits)

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3 or AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP Language & Composition


(40 credits)

Algebra 1

Geometry or Algebra 2

Algebra 2 or


Pre-Calculus or Calculus or

Data Science

Social Studies

(30 credits)


World History

US History

Economics /

U.S. Government

Religious Studies

(40 credits)

Theology 9 - Intro to the Bible

Theology 9 - Who is Jesus Christ 

Theology 10 - The Church

Theology 10 - The Paschal Mystery

Theology 11 -

The New Testament Theology 11 - Introduction to the Sacraments

Theology 12 -Catholic Moral Teaching

Theology 12 -Catholic Social Teaching


(40 credits)

General Science


Chemistry or Honors Chemistry

Conceptual Physics or 

Honors Physics or Anatomy & Physiology

P.E. / Health

(10 credits)

P.E. / Health





(10 credits)




Studio Art

Work Study

(40 credits)

Work Study

Work Study

Work Study

Work Study



Requirements for Diploma, Baccalaureate Liturgy and Graduation Ceremony


To be eligible to graduate and receive a diploma from Cristo Rey High School Sacramento and participate in Baccalaureate Liturgy and Graduation ceremony, students must fulfill all of the following requirements:


  • Earn passing grades (A, B, C, or D) in all Cristo Rey High School academic courses or courses at other institutions with approval from Cristo Rey High School Principal.
  • Complete all requirements of the curriculum with 24 academic credits and 40 Work Study credits
  • Complete all requirements of Cristo Rey High School Work Study Program.
  • Complete all requirements to the Cristo Rey High School Christian Service Program.
  • Have no pending or outstanding discipline issues, including but not limited to unserved detention or suspension.
  • Return in good condition all materials and equipment, including but not limited to books, calculators and athletic uniforms.
  • Pay all tuition and fees, including but not limited to Work Study and athletic program fees.
  • Meet the attendance expectations as defined on pages 20 and 21 of the handbook.
  • Complete the Senior Check Out form with all required signatures.


Students who fail to meet any elements of these requirements will not receive a diploma and will not be allowed to participate in the baccalaureate liturgy or graduation ceremony.