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School & College Counselor 




Ms. Ileana Oseguera (Habla Español)

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

916-733-2660 ext. 1030


Dear Cristo Rey Community, it is an honor to continue serving this community,


As the majority of our students at Cristo Rey HS, I too came from a low-income background and have endured many of the same obstacles as our students. I was also the first in my family to attend college, and obtain a Master’s degree.  


I have worked in the promotion of education for over ten years. During this time, I had the pleasure to work with a diverse group of individuals in college counseling, recruitment, and teaching, particularly first generation, low-income students. I attended the University of California Davis, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Spanish. In 2018, I obtained a Master's of Science in School Counseling, with a PPS credential, from Sacramento State University.


My philosophy of school counseling is a critical element to my approach in guiding students, my theoretical framework, and the process and nature of establishing a counseling guidance program. As a School Counselor, my goals are to provide unconditional positive regard and advocate for all students’ success, by implementing a comprehensive academic, career, and personal evidence base guidance program, while upholding to the ACA code of ethics, and collaborating with all school and community stakeholders.



School Registrar / Academic Adviser  













Mrs. Elsa Campos-Gonzalez (Habla Español)

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

916-733-2660 ext. 1151


I have been at Cristo Rey High School Sacramento since the beginning and during this time I have served as the High Schools Office Manager, Registrar and College Counseling Associate. In these positions, I have been able to interact with students and their families. My communication and bilingual skills have allowed me to better serve our community and serve as the parent liaison to our families. After twelve years in the Front Office I moved into the School Registrar and College Counseling Adviser.  I now serve as the School Registrar and Academic Adviser.  I am also the College Rep for Cristo Rey Sacramento.  All college admission representative interested in booking a visit to Cristo Rey High School please contact me to schedule an appointment. I look forward to continuing this chapter in my Cristo Rey career.