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Confidentiality Statement

Any information of a personal nature disclosed by a student in the process of counseling is confidential. However, while maintaining the anonymity of the student, matters of health, life, and safety may be discussed with the Principal and/or appropriate member (s) of the Administration. In addition, California State Law specifies six exceptions to this understanding of confidentiality: · Discussions with licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists or other health care providers for the sole purpose of referring the student for treatment. · Reporting child abuse as required by law. · Reporting information to the principal or parents when the counselor has reasonable cause to believe that disclosure is necessary to avert a clear and imminent danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the student or others. · Reporting information to persons outside the school when a student indicates that a crime involving the likelihood of significant personal injury or significant property losses will be or has been committed. · Reporting to one or more specific persons in a written waiver after this waiver has been read and signed by the student and preserved in the student’s counseling file. · Disclosing confidential information when ordered to do so by a court of law.