Christian Service

Christian Service


At Cristo Rey, Christian Service experiences are inspired by this Gospel message that calls for us to love and serve our neighbor, especially the poor. We are called to live according to a pattern of love and service modeled by Jesus Christ. We do this by setting the needs of the poor and marginalized as the horizon of our vision.


Our Christian Service Program is integral to this mission.  Through service to others, we experience God’s presence in our own lives.  Through reflection on our service, we learn the value of becoming lifelong “men and women for others.”


As a Jesuit and Mercy school committed to imparting Gospel values and faith-learning in young men and women, service activities add a critical experiential component to the academics of social justice issues. Cristo Rey’s Christian Service requirement calls each student to go beyond her comfort zone to cultivate an awareness of societal needs and to develop relationships with individuals in society with whom they would not otherwise interact with in daily life. It is our hope that the Christian Service Program results in a transformative experience for each student in his commitment to justice. 


Required Service Hours

Freshmen: Service With and For the Family - 20 hours minimum (10 core/10 elective)


Sophomores: Service through Support and Involvement - 25 hours minimum (15 core/10 elective)


Juniors: The Corporal Works of Mercy - 30 hours minimum (20 core/10 elective)


Seniors: Men and Women for Others - 40 hours minimum (30 core/10 elective)


 Service Hours are credited 5 points for each hour up to the minimum and are part of the Christian Service portion (10%) of your Theology grade.                                                                                         


Christian Service Hours and the Synthesis Essay are part of the requirements for completion of your Theology courses and eligibility for graduation.