How Work-Study Works

How Work-Study Works 


Cristo Rey’s Work-Study Program provides the resources for students to afford their college prep education.  Each student, beginning freshman year, works five days per month in businesses or other entities throughout the Sacramento region. These organizations pay a fee that offsets nearly 60% of the cost of the student’s education. Currently over 100 corporations, businesses, foundations, individual donors and non-profits are CRHSS Work-Study Sponsors. In addition to offsetting the cost of their education, the Work-Study program provides a means for students to break down the financial and social barriers that exist for low-income youth wishing to obtain a college education.


Do students get paid directly?

No.  Companies, foundations and individuals financially sponsor a team of 4 students for $2,850.00 per month for 10-months that is paid directly to CRHSS Work-Study Inc., a 509(a)(3) public charity.  Some companies require fewer students than a team of 4.  Others want to help the program by contributing an amount that will fund one or more students to work at another charity.  The sponsorship amount for a team of less than four students is prorated on the number of students you require.


Do students miss class when they work?

Each student has an assigned workday Monday through Thursday. Students’ classes are not offered on their workday and they do not miss any class time. Fridays are rotated through the four grade levels. Both the school year and school day are extended to ensure students receive the maximum amount of class time.


Are high school age students allowed to work during school hours?

All schools within the Cristo Rey Network have special exemption from the US Department of Labor to employ 14 and 15 year olds. Older students do not require an exemption. All CRHSS students must be 14 years of age and have a valid California work permit (issued by the school) before they begin work. CRHSS has numerous guidelines and checks to ensure that the students’ worksites are safe and provide a good learning experience. For more detailed information about the DOL requirements please contact our office.


As a sponsoring business, what responsibilities do I have?

The 3 objectives we ask each sponsoring organization to be responsible for are to:

  • Provide a positive working environment for the student(s).
  • Provide a supervisor(s) who believes in the program and the success of Cristo Rey students.
  • Provide meaningful work for the students and explain to them the importance of their role.


What hours do students work?

Students work approximately seven (7) to seven and one half (7.5) hours per day.  Students are transported to work on school vans, which leave campus at 8:00 am each morning and drop off between 8:15 am and 9:15 am at the company location.  Pickup time is between 3:30 pm and 4:45 pm, depending on your company’s location and return to campus between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm.


Do students choose where they go to work?

After considering students’ skill levels, interests, and the skill sets needed by our sponsors, the WS staff will determine where students are placed. Juniors and seniors are directed toward future career goals.


Do parents have direct contact with their student’s supervisors?

All communication with sponsors and supervisors are made through the Work-Study office.  If parents need to contact their child, they must contact the Work-Study office for assistance.


Is there a dress code?

CRHSS students are held to strict standards.  All students are required to be in uniform at all times. Students wear a button down shirt or polo, dress slacks or skirt, and dress shoes. Work uniforms may be adjusted to suit the culture of the worksite and accommodate a variety of job duties.




Contact the Work-Study Program Director Debbie Woodsford at (916) 400-3386 or email